Welcome to Groningen, and to our favorite part of town! ♥️ With 25% of the population being students, Groningen is by far the youngest city in the Netherlands. So what better way to spend your time abroad than being in the center of all the action?

At BlockHouse’s unique location in the city center, you can fully immerse yourself in Groningen’s student life. Start your day by cooking breakfast in your own kitchen or pop over to the bakery around the corner. For all those essays you have to write, we have a comfortable place to study all set up for you. After a hard day’s work, join your new friends at our BlockHouse bar for a drink or a nice meal. Be careful, you might just end up at one of the late-night taverns that Groningen is famous for!

Have good night’s sleep in your comfy BlockHouse bed and repeat the next day.

everything within reach

The university is just a stone's throw away. On your way to class, pass the local market for some fresh fruit or pick up some breakfast at one of the popular smoothie places. Enjoy your downtime alongside the canals or read your book in the nearby park.

Groningen’s nightlife is one of the wildest you'll encounter in the Netherlands. With the big variety of bars and no closing times, there’s something for everyone. Whether you're more of a disco type or passionate about the local underground scene - the sky is the limit. After a night out, take your new friends to the snack wall and eat an 'eierbal' (Groningen’s eggy night life delicacy) on your way home.

enjoy your stay

There’s never a dull moment in Groningen. If you know where to look, you'll find something to do that matches your spirit. Enjoy a concert at VERA or SPOT, work on your tan at our city beach or shop your new outfit at one of the vintage markets. Student Life Groningen will provide you with all the ins and outs of the Groningen culture. Click here.